Clearlooks is a GTK+ 2.x engine written in C that transforms your GNOME/XFCE desktop into a modern looking environment. It is fast and easy on the eyes.

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Sunday, October 23 2005 - Richard Stellingwerff

For a while now I've been developing Clearlooks inside of GNOME CVS, the module gtk-engines. This includes the GDK version as well as the new Cairo version that has been worked on.

For details on checking out the new Clearlooks from CVS, visit
The GDK version can be found with the tag "gtk-engines-2-6" and the Cairo version is in HEAD.

If you don't know what this means, then you should stick with the releases ;)

Thursday, June 10 2005 - Richard Stellingwerff & Daniel Borgmann

Clearlooks v0.6 got released today! A number new exciting changes have been made this time. Get it while it's hot!

Friday, May 13 2005 - Richard Stellingwerff

Well I decided to pickup some Clearlooks development today. I was extremely suprised by the professional looks of 2.0 on Windows, so I decided to try it out in Linux as well. That was quite a shock...

The team don't seem to be trying very hard at making 2.0 look good with the GTK-wannabe UI. I was able to make some improvements, but it still looks very odd in places. Maybe one day someone will actually give a serious attempt at mimicking GTK+.

Some applications use the GtkProgressbar in ways it wasn't meant for. Such as displaying the amount of diskspace used on a CD-R, or audio volume. With animation support enabled for progressbars, this looks kinda wierd. I have been thinking of a way to allow developers to force the progressbar into being static. The first thing that came to my mind was to set the progressbar to 'Insensitive' (read: Disabled). I tried it on a bunch of themes, and the look of the progressbar doesn't change in any theme (nor in Clearlooks) so I think that this might be a good way to tell the engine to draw a static progressbar. It's not implemented in Clearlooks yet, but I will unless someone gives me a good reason not to do it.